Update Time!!!

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I highly doubt that anyone still reads this, but I will update it for future reference anyway. I haven’t had any time to update it until now, due to various activities(school and otherwise).

Anyway, I just got in the final parts for my Swiss AVR thing, so I will probably work on that a lot over the holiday vacation. I also hope to update this blog with new news, etc.

Also, I’m very happy to say that I just pre-ordered a Pandora (openpandora.org) for myself, I can’t wait until it arrives. Once it comes, I hope to move all/most of my development over to that.

I don’t have too much time right now, so I’m keeping this short, just know that the blog is not dead, and more posts should come in the following weeks. Happy holidays :).

Expect More Soon

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So, I finally finished the robot(almost 3 weeks ago), but now I need to find some sort of wheels, so far everything I’ve tried has been too thin or too heavy, so I’m going to have to look hard to find what I need. I’m also going to start work today on the Swiss AVR knife, so I should be posting about that some soon. Anyway, keep looking back about once a week, this time I promise to write more. 😉

oops, been awhile, again.

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I know, I know. WHERE IS THAT ROBOT? right?

Well, I’ve got tons of excuses and reasons that I couldn’t finish it until now, but I can finally say, ITS ALMOST DONE! I’ve got a fully working robot now, all I need to do is solder a jumper(I made one error on the PCB), then I need to superglue the wheels, and I’M DONE. Expect a ton of info on the robot in the next few days, including pics, video’s, and even some tutorials on how it was made. I should have most of the content up by next week, as that is a 4 day weekend for me(Columbus day).

I probably would have figured out all the problems earlier, however I got bogged down with school work for the first month, and what little time I had to spend on the robot, was usually spent trying to find out the problem. I eventually gave up on the whole project, and started working on my next project, the Swiss-AVR knife(which should hopefully be done in a few weeks, depending on when I can get some new drill bits for PCB making). I’m also joining the schools robot club, which should keep me working with electronics.

PSAT’s are coming up, so I probably wont get much of a start on anything until those are done with(about 2.5 weeks from now).

I’ll try to keep posting here, just so those 1-2 people who actually read it will know its not really dead. The various uploads for the robot should help out there.

Oops, been awhile, UPDATE!!!

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OK, so I’ve been away from blogging for a little while, mostly due to some last little tidbits of  work I need to do over the summer to prepare for the start of school(THIS Wednesday EEK), including book reports, helping my mom in the garden, etc. Hopefully once school starts everything will get much smoother and I won’t be so busy(although I will have Marching band and the robotics club in school to deal with).

An update on the robot: I’m almost done :), I ran into a few problems along the way though that have made it very hard to actually get much done. First, I didn’t have a good drill bit size for drilling the holes for the Voltage Regulator(they’re slightly larger than most), so I had to use some old resistor leads attached to the larger Regulator leads to make it all work, and in the end it worked fine(might be a little flimsy though). Then, after soldering almost everything in place, I discovered another problem, I printed the board off wrong, its hard to explain, but basically what happened was that the part I printed off was meant to be used for the top of a pcb, despite having holes on it that should be on the bottom, I should have spent more time with the software(EAGLE) before I rushed to make the PCB. The only thing this changed is that now the 2313 needs to be soldered on the bottom, which is a little more awkward due to lack of holes to put the pins in, and I eventually burned out the chip. So now all that needs to be done is to program a new chip, and try to solder that where the broken one is.

Hopefully I’ll be done before long, but with these things you never really know.

I’m Back, new info on robot + possible future projects?

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I just got back from an 8 day vacation to central Maine, and it was a lot of fun. My family and I visited Acadia National Park(quite beautiful, and we got in for free because of the fee free weekend), we then visited Bar Harbor(somewhat nice, but all the stores sell the same blueberry crap, found one good knife shop though and bought myself a Bali-Yo(basically a butterfly knife but instead of a blade it has a pen)). After that we moved off the coast of Maine towards the center, and we went white water rafting, after that I got sick, and had to miss a float trip, which was unfortunate. All in all it was a great trip(we camped the whole time, which is a lot of fun if uncomfortable). I’ll try to post some pictures within the next week.

Also, today I finally had some time to  finish drilling the holes in my robot’s PCB, so I should be able to complete that today or tomorrow. I’ll be sure to upload pics, videos, circuit board files, BOM(bill of materials)’s, and even some example code, shortly after I’m done working on it. Once I’m all done with that, I’ll begin working on an instructable for it, as well as begin working on my Swiss AVR Knife.

Unfortunately school is starting in 1.5 weeks, and I’ve got band camp starting monday, so everything will begin to slow down around that time, I’ll still get some work done, but it will take more time. Things will hopefully pick up about a week or so after that.

The good and bad of making PCB’s at home

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The Good: -far cheaper

-you get to use dangerous chemicals 😉

-feel like you’ve really accomplished something afterward

The Bad: -the really small drill bits can break at the worst times(pics after break, no pun intended): Continue reading ‘The good and bad of making PCB’s at home’

I’m back and blogging again :)

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After a short vacation, and getting really into some games, I’ve come back to the blogging and hacking/making scene. I’ve started up work on my mini-robot again, and I’ll post the results here along with all code+schematics and eagle layout files. Expect an instructable for that one as well.

I’ve also just placed an order for some parts for a few new projects that I hope to be working on soon, a modified Swiss AVR Knife(complete with USB keyboard+other features not available in the first), along with a new watch I hope to be working on soon(the watch will have a 128×128 small color lcd display that I got from Sparkfun).

Anyway, expect much more from this blog in the comming days, weeks, and months. I hope to be posting at the very least once a week now(though that might change once school starts).