The good and bad of making PCB’s at home

The Good: -far cheaper

-you get to use dangerous chemicals 😉

-feel like you’ve really accomplished something afterward

The Bad: -the really small drill bits can break at the worst times(pics after break, no pun intended):

broken bits 2 broken bits 1

The story: So I was working on my robot PCB, hoping to finish it today, everything was going well(I used a dremel to cut the board to size for the first time), though there were some traces that were lifted off after ironing the laser ink onto it, but that was easily fixed with a sharpie. The real problems started when I began drilling the holes for the components, at first everything was going fine, I was using my smaller bit, but then that broke off, and I couldn’t find the tip. That would normally be the end, however I did have a slightly larger tip lying around, that was still an OK size for PCB holes, after drilling 3 holes with that, and only having about 4 left, the tip on that one broke suddenly(though I was able to recover that one). Unfortunatly I also just placed an order with Digi-Key(where I get my bits), and it shipped before I could add some small bits, so now I either have to place another order with them(and pay twice for shipping), or find some local store that sells tiny PCB drill bits. (by the way if you know any store that might have some that is near the boston area, please leave it in the comments, even if you read this post a week from now, it would still be nice to know).


~ by emudeath on August 6, 2009.

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