How to: My First Micro Controller Project Part 1

Sorry to those waiting that this took so long, I’ve been sick this past week, and I’ve had a few large tests to take, which I had to study for. Anyway here it is, the how to for the micro controller project I posted about earlier(link to earlier blog post).

The first step is gathering the materials you will need, just click on the names for links to either Digikey or electronic goldmine, both are great for buying electronic components. Also included is links to download the software I use.

Section I: Materials:


-ATtiny2313(the microcontroller used in this project, highly recommended for beginners, buy more than one if you think you’ll do this a lot)(digikey)

-LED(this is what we make blink with the coding)(electronic goldmine(I recommend 100 pack, you can never have too many, choose any color))

-breadboard(this is what you put the whole circuit on)(electronic goldmine(large, recommended)(tiny, what I used, not recommended))

-jumper wire(used to make circuit on breadboard)(electronic goldmine(you might want more than that, if so just buy 2)

-resistors(used to keep the LED from exploding)(electronic goldmine(another pack of 100, really nice and cheap))

-battery(you can use any under 9 volt(the square ones), I used theses for the size)(electronic goldmine(buy a few, you will need them))

-battery holder(electronic goldmine(these work only with the batteries linked to earlier))

-USBTinyISP(used to program the 2313, you do have to put it together yourself, but this is the cheapest and easiest to use)(adafruit)

-USB cable(used to connect the USBTinyISP to the computer)(adafruit)

-multimeter(not necessary, but I recommend having one around, useful for finding problems)(you can get one at most electronic shops like Radioshack)

-cradle for 2313, you can make your own(I don’t think they are sold anywhere)(link to instructions)(link to my blog post), they require very few parts(usually you have the parts lying around somewhere), and are very easy to solder


-drivers for usbtinyISP(only necessary if your using the usbtinyISP, instructions on her site)(link to instructions)

-WinAVR(has lots of programs, including one for uploading code to 2313)(link to dowload)

-AVR studio 4(used to make programs for the 2313 and test them too)(link to download page)(I recommend looking at Atmels site and for how to set this up, I wont explain it now)

-documentation for the 2313(good resource for information on this micro controller)(link to download)

Thats it for materials, if I missed something, or you need help with something, just post a comment.

Section II: putting it all together:

Schematic(don’t worry if you don’t understand it yet, I’ll go through all the steps):



Steps: 1. Get materials ready

2. place the LED on the top row and make sure that one leg goes in one row, and the other in the next row down(seccond from top). Make sure the short leg goes in the top row, and the long one in the next.

3. place the resistor in the same row as the shorter leg of the LED(each LED has a long and short leg), and place the other lead(leg) of the resistor in the next column of rows(see last picture for clarification).

4. place battery holder on the bottom row and up for however many rows it takes, might have to tilt it a little.

5. place tiny2313 on the divider between the two collumns of rows, make sure each of the pins of the 2313 have their own rows, except the bottom left one, put that in the same row as the battery holder — side. MAKE SURE THE GROOVE IN THE TOP OF THE 2313 IS POINTING TOWARDS THE TOP.

6. place the jumpers, connecting the other lead of the resistor to the — side of the battery holder, the top right pin of the 2313 to the + side of the battery holder, and the long lead(leg) of the LED to the 7th pin down on the right side of the 2313.

7. Image to help with set-up:

simplified schematic

simplified schematic

Section III: Programming:

Continued in next post, part 2(link)


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