oops, been awhile, again.

I know, I know. WHERE IS THAT ROBOT? right?

Well, I’ve got tons of excuses and reasons that I couldn’t finish it until now, but I can finally say, ITS ALMOST DONE! I’ve got a fully working robot now, all I need to do is solder a jumper(I made one error on the PCB), then I need to superglue the wheels, and I’M DONE. Expect a ton of info on the robot in the next few days, including pics, video’s, and even some tutorials on how it was made. I should have most of the content up by next week, as that is a 4 day weekend for me(Columbus day).

I probably would have figured out all the problems earlier, however I got bogged down with school work for the first month, and what little time I had to spend on the robot, was usually spent trying to find out the problem. I eventually gave up on the whole project, and started working on my next project, the Swiss-AVR knife(which should hopefully be done in a few weeks, depending on when I can get some new drill bits for PCB making). I’m also joining the schools robot club, which should keep me working with electronics.

PSAT’s are coming up, so I probably wont get much of a start on anything until those are done with(about 2.5 weeks from now).

I’ll try to keep posting here, just so those 1-2 people who actually read it will know its not really dead. The various uploads for the robot should help out there.


~ by emudeath on October 5, 2009.

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