Maker Revolution

•May 1, 2009 • 1 Comment

The Maker Revolution was a Make sponsored event in Cambridge last weekend(for those who don’t know Make is the DIY magazine in the U.S.). It took place from 1 to 6 each day, and more info can be found on its site:

Saturday started off kind of slow, with a short introduction to the whole event and to circuit bending toys. After that there was a live performance put on by Orgy of Noise, which is one guy who collects lots of circuit bent toys and plays around with them. It was kind of hard to listen to, one circuit bent toy can be fun to hear and mess with, but listening to 10 at a time, all amplified to unnecessary levels of volume, gets annoying very fast. However, after that was over and done with, the event began to pick up its pace and became much more enjoyable. I found the monome performance to be spectacular(more about monome here: After that came the art software tourbus, it was interesting, however I had already had experience with most of the software displayed. Unfortunately I had to leave early and missed the rapic prototyping talk(if anyone has a link to it please share). There were also some displays on the floor of things that Maker’s had made themselves, these included a large cube that you could sit in, it had four speakers each doing opposite sine waves, which created a neat effect for those inside. There was also a 3d printer set up by Bre Pettis, it was pretty neat to watch them print there own tweezers that they forgot to bring. They also had a soldering station set up, though I didn’t have the time to use it. Continue reading ‘Maker Revolution’


Some AVR Links and site problems

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I’ve had some people express an interest in learning more about Atmel and the AVR(my micro controller of choice), and I’ve recently come across some helpful sites, and decided to create this little list:

-great list for people just starting(link)

-AVR fan-site(link)

-Atmel’s site(link)

-some basic video tutorials(link)

I would also like to mension that there may be a problem with the site’s sidebar, for me it displays at the very bottom of the page, which isn’t what I want it to do. If your also having this problem, please post in the comments, also post if you know an easy way to fix it.

How to: My First Micro Controller Project Part 2

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continued from previous post, please read that for instructions on how to make the project. This post will continue with instructions for programming the 2313 and uploading the program to the 2313, as well as how to debug the code.

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How to: My First Micro Controller Project Part 1

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Sorry to those waiting that this took so long, I’ve been sick this past week, and I’ve had a few large tests to take, which I had to study for. Anyway here it is, the how to for the micro controller project I posted about earlier(link to earlier blog post).

The first step is gathering the materials you will need, just click on the names for links to either Digikey or electronic goldmine, both are great for buying electronic components. Also included is links to download the software I use.

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Updating Blog

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I’m currently updating my blog(replaced the boring old header image with my awesome new one(that will be used on my site too once its done)). Post in the comments of this post of any problems you’ve got and I’ll try to fix them ASAP. Hope you like it :)!

Been Awhile

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Wow, it’s been some time since I updated this blog(almost a month, eek!:)), and some stuff has changed. I’m hoping to finish my first robot this weekend(at least prototyping), and will hopefully have some posts, images, and video’s of that by next week. My new site has kind of taken a back seat to programming and robot design. And I’ve got a few new hobby’s that I’m looking into, as well as a few new projects I’m gonna hopefully work on.

First off I’m going to try to get my students pilots license this summer, I meet all the requirements already. I’m also going to try to get my instructor to certify me for solo flight in a Cessna and a glider, both amazing planes.

My other new hobby has been camping/survival equipment and techniques, as well as increasing the size and quality of my knife collection. I’m hoping to go to Yellowstone again either this year or next, and stay for at least a month, preferably alone(no family, maybe some friends), just to get to know the area, and, most important, have fun!

I’ve also been flipping my balisong(also known as a butterfly knife). At first it hurt because I was holding it the wrong way, but now its much funner.

Last but not least, my new project starting (hopefully) this summer will be building a satellite/rocket to launch it. This is going to be a HUGE project, requiring TONS of math, and other things with CAPITOL letters. But seriously, I doubt I’ll actually get past the planning stage on this, but if I do, it will probably be one of the best experiences of my life.

I know I wrote a lot, but I’ve been away for awhile, I hope to actually start posting regularly again soon, CYA.

My amazing AVR programming cradle

•February 23, 2009 • 1 Comment

I’ve just gotten back from a nice week off of school, though I didn’t do much other than work on my upcomming site. I want to try to post at least once a week(every monday), but I hope to post twice a week once I start getting back into my usual schedule(vacation changed things around).

Anyway, I thought I’d post about my cradle I use to program my attiny2313’s, in case anyone reading(no one yet) this blog is interested in getting into AVR.

I found the guide on instructables(link), however I printed the PCB too small, and I didn’t have easy access to a laser printer(needed for making PCB’s), so I had to use some protoboard and jumper wires. It doesn’t look the greatest, and I’m sure it’ll break soon, but at least it works, and I can plug it into the breadboard to program and de-bug at the sme time.

Here’s some pics:

amazing attiny2313 programmer

amazing attiny2313 programmer