Oops, been awhile, UPDATE!!!

OK, so I’ve been away from blogging for a little while, mostly due to some last little tidbits of  work I need to do over the summer to prepare for the start of school(THIS Wednesday EEK), including book reports, helping my mom in the garden, etc. Hopefully once school starts everything will get much smoother and I won’t be so busy(although I will have Marching band and the robotics club in school to deal with).

An update on the robot: I’m almost done :), I ran into a few problems along the way though that have made it very hard to actually get much done. First, I didn’t have a good drill bit size for drilling the holes for the Voltage Regulator(they’re slightly larger than most), so I had to use some old resistor leads attached to the larger Regulator leads to make it all work, and in the end it worked fine(might be a little flimsy though). Then, after soldering almost everything in place, I discovered another problem, I printed the board off wrong, its hard to explain, but basically what happened was that the part I printed off was meant to be used for the top of a pcb, despite having holes on it that should be on the bottom, I should have spent more time with the software(EAGLE) before I rushed to make the PCB. The only thing this changed is that now the 2313 needs to be soldered on the bottom, which is a little more awkward due to lack of holes to put the pins in, and I eventually burned out the chip. So now all that needs to be done is to program a new chip, and try to solder that where the broken one is.

Hopefully I’ll be done before long, but with these things you never really know.


~ by emudeath on August 30, 2009.

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