Maker Revolution

The Maker Revolution was a Make sponsored event in Cambridge last weekend(for those who don’t know Make is the DIY magazine in the U.S.). It took place from 1 to 6 each day, and more info can be found on its site:

Saturday started off kind of slow, with a short introduction to the whole event and to circuit bending toys. After that there was a live performance put on by Orgy of Noise, which is one guy who collects lots of circuit bent toys and plays around with them. It was kind of hard to listen to, one circuit bent toy can be fun to hear and mess with, but listening to 10 at a time, all amplified to unnecessary levels of volume, gets annoying very fast. However, after that was over and done with, the event began to pick up its pace and became much more enjoyable. I found the monome performance to be spectacular(more about monome here: After that came the art software tourbus, it was interesting, however I had already had experience with most of the software displayed. Unfortunately I had to leave early and missed the rapic prototyping talk(if anyone has a link to it please share). There were also some displays on the floor of things that Maker’s had made themselves, these included a large cube that you could sit in, it had four speakers each doing opposite sine waves, which created a neat effect for those inside. There was also a 3d printer set up by Bre Pettis, it was pretty neat to watch them print there own tweezers that they forgot to bring. They also had a soldering station set up, though I didn’t have the time to use it.

On Sunday the event got even better, it started off with a talk about interfacing biology and computers, which I had to miss(again a link to the video would be greatly appreciated). After that Maker Mitch Aldman had a talk about his inspiration behind the creation of the TV-B-Gone, which was inspiring, and much better prepared than some of the previous-days talks. After that there was a short break until the talk about DIY game development began, which I missed most of to talk with some guys about various Make related things, one had an awesome laser cut case-type thing for the G1 which allowed you to hold it like a guitar, and when combined with some apps even let you play it, he and I came up with some ideas, and over the past few days I’ve been thinking more about them, however I didn’t get his e-mail, so if anyone has it and could pass it along that would be nice. Unfortunately I had to leave early(again), so I missed Dorkbot Boston, but I hope in the future I won’t need to.

All in all the maker revolution was a great deal of fun, I hope they decide to organise something like it again.


~ by emudeath on May 1, 2009.

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  1. good article, thanks for posting

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